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Demanding Moms ‘go postal’ on Rand Paul amendment to USPS bill

"Bloomberg Moms" simulate "going postal" while screaming angry demands.

Responding with trademark bristling shrillness and indignation over an amendment introduced by Sen. Rand Paul to S.1486, “Postal Reform Act of 2013,” that would overturn restrictions on lawful carrying of firearms into United States Postal Service post offices, Moms Demand Action protested Wednesday with an online social media campaign that managed to not only perpetuate an undeserved myth, but to insult all postal workers and law-abiding gun owners in the bargain.


One response

  1. Amazing! It is unbelievable we have groups like this in America today. They actually believe gun free zones are a safe place because law abiding citizens cannot carry in those establishments. And they wonder why mass shootings happen in gun free zones? How crazy is that?

    Thanks for sharing!

    February 25, 2014 at 10:00 pm

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