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Some good news

Some good news.

SB 1294, which would void (in Arizona) any federal law that violates the Second Amendment, passed out of the Senate Rules Committee on February 24. Next stop is the Senate COW.

H. R. 4091

While on the surface this is not gun related, it certainly could have an impact on gun rights.

While I don’t think this will go anywhere, this along with other bills now in committee gives a sense of what the feelings are in both chambers of Congress. Even the Democrats are either getting fed up with our Criminal in Chief, or worried about their seats in the mid terms, or both.

H.R. 4091: Constitutional Check and Balance Act

Contributing to the cause

At one point or another, we have all receive requests from some gun rights advocates group for a donation to help fight the cause. Well, money is tight right now, but I think I have found a way for SOME of these groups to gain a fair amount of money from just one donation.
ScreenHunter_01 February 25, 2014 02.19 PM

The above picture is (1) one Troy ounce of pure silver.  Not much in value, but considering the stamping in the picture, one might really want to have one.

So, here is my proposal. I’ve acquired a fair number of these coins in dealing in precious metals and currencies.

I’ve got 5 (with 10 more on the way) and  will donate 1 (to each of the organizations) of these coins to any REAL pro gun organization who proves worthy. The coin is my contribution. Now it’s going to be up to that organization to RAFFLE that coin and turn my contribution into hundreds and maybe thousands dollars.

The way this is going to work is that the Organization will need to contact me personally to set it up if they are interested. I’m in the middle of contacting AZCDL and SAF/Alan Gotlieb.

Demanding Moms ‘go postal’ on Rand Paul amendment to USPS bill

"Bloomberg Moms" simulate "going postal" while screaming angry demands.

Responding with trademark bristling shrillness and indignation over an amendment introduced by Sen. Rand Paul to S.1486, “Postal Reform Act of 2013,” that would overturn restrictions on lawful carrying of firearms into United States Postal Service post offices, Moms Demand Action protested Wednesday with an online social media campaign that managed to not only perpetuate an undeserved myth, but to insult all postal workers and law-abiding gun owners in the bargain.


Surgeon General nominee’s vow to refrain from anti-gun agenda likely big fat lie

Attempts to deprive this right are hazardous to the perpetrators' health

As the hard-charging, no compromise gun rights advocacy group Gun Owners of America warned members Tuesday, the Senate is considering President Obama’s nomination of the rabidly anti-gun Dr. Vivek Murthy as the next Surgeon General of the United States:


U.S. Postal Service Announces Giant Ammo Purchase

The U.S. Postal Service joins the long list of non-military federal agencies purchasing large amounts of ammunition.

On Jan. 31, the USPS Supplies and Services Purchasing Office posted a notice on the Federal Business Opportunities website asking contractors to register with USPS as potential ammunition suppliers for a variety of cartridges.


MO 2nd Amnd Preservation Act decried by man who wants Constitution ‘superseded’

St. Louis gun control rally--turn over rights to UN

In a five-to-one vote on January 28, the Missouri Senate General Laws Committee approved Missouri Senate Bill 613, the “Second Amendment Preservation Act.” Like HB 1439, the House version covered here in January, SB 613‘s most prominent provision invalidates federal laws that infringe on the right to keep and bear arms (which would presumably be every federal gun law), and subjects those enforcing such laws in Missouri to fines and up to a year imprisonment.


Texas open carry group seeks spotlight on harassment of veterans and gun owners

Gun rights supporters in Texas protest harassment for exercising their rights.

“Recently we’ve unearthed some sickening corruption in a nearby town and it’s led to unlawful arrests and gun confiscations from two veterans that are also Oath Keepers,” a Friday Facebook message from James Franklin, Regional Director for Come and Take It Texas – West Texas Region, began. “Over the past week this issue has gotten even more complicated as the police in the town refuse to file police reports about one of their residents making terroristic threats against our…..


Even compliance with Connecticut ‘assault weapon’ ban not enough for gun-haters

The more guns the government makes illegal, the more illegal guns the people will make

The anti-gun jihadists of the Connecticut government, who boast that the state’s ban of so-called “assault weapons” (recently upheld as “Constitutional” by a federal judge despite his admission that the banned firearms and magazines are “in common use,” and thus deserving Second Amendment protection even under the narrowly written Heller decision) is now the most draconian in the nation, are not satisfied with mere compliance with every  detail of the law.


‘Mom’s’ group has fit over rumored Post Office CCW amendment

Anti-gunner Shannon Watts is sounding the alarm about a rumored proposal to come from Rand Paul that would allow people to carry guns into post offices.

The anti-rights Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America (MDA) is having fits today over a rumored proposal that may be coming from Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul that would, if adopted, allow licensed private citizens to carry their defensive handguns into post offices.


Conn. ‘assault weapon’ court ruling admits their ‘common use,’ doesn’t care

Judge Covello and his ilk might find fighting tyrants to be an increasingly 'common use' of militia-appropriate rifles

As National Gun Rights Examiner David Codrea reported Friday, United States District Judge Alfred V. Covello upheld Connecticut’s draconian “assault weapon” ban, in what gun rights advocates involved describe as “only the first battle in a multi-year legal war.” Interestingly, Covello acknowledges that the law is an assault on the rights of gun owners–and he doesn’t care.


Media agenda on display after school shooting that wasn’t a school shooting

Media try to promote anti-gun agenda with shooting at school

On Tuesday, January 28, the national media went into an uproar while reporting on what they perceived to be the latest school shooting. Regular programming was interrupted with BREAKING NEWS and ALERTs and newsreaders in a frenzy about a high school in Hawaii being in lockdown after reports of shots fired. Shouts and cries of “OMG!”, “evil guns!”, “school in lockdown!”, “THE CHILDREN!” were the order of the day. All of the national media outlets got in on the act, from the 24/7 cable news channels to the major newspapers and numerous Internet sites.


Known gang leader’s application for CCP in Illinois brings scrutiny to requirements

The licensing board has 30 days to decide whether to issue the permit or reject the application, and opinions are split. Come say if he meets the legal criteria it should be issued, others say no way. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While law enforcement across Illinois have been busily sorting through an overwhelming amount of concealed carry applications since the new concealed carry law went into effect, about 180 of those applications have raised red flags with authorities, according to the Chicago Sun-Times, including an application from a known high-ranking leader of the street gang known as the Latin Kings.


If gun makers opposed to ‘microstamping’ help murderers, so do CA police chiefs

High-tech 'microstamp' removal tool

The far-left “news” source, Addicting Info, fawningly cited by the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, accused gun makers last Friday of “helping criminals get away with murder.” Manufacturers are doing this, we are told, by opposing legislation requiring all new semi-automatic handguns (well, not all of them, of course–law enforcement and other government hired muscle would naturally be exempt) be equipped with technology that would stamp the cartridge case with identifying information about the pistol that fired it.


NRA failing members by ignoring immigration threat to gun rights

Jeh Johnson swears to bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution.

Immigration reform prospects brighten” the headline for Jennifer Rubin’s Tuesday “Right Turn” column in The Washington Post declares. “Thankfully, more and more Republican lawmakers and substantial interest groups are uniting behind an overhaul effort.”


Connecticut throws ‘assault weapon’ registration party, (almost) nobody comes

If Connecticut's government gun grabbers find out where the 'missing' 90% of the 'contraband' guns and magazines are, it's likely to be the last thing they find out

At the beginning of the year, this column noted sadly that some Connecticut gun owners had spent the waning days of 2013 “rushing,”


Holder position on pot and banks could end up entrapping gun owners

Will easing banking rules for the pot industry help Holder and Obama send customer gun rights up in smoke?

Attorney General Eric Holder advocated legal marijuana businesses having access to the banking system, The New York Times reported Thursday.

“There’s a public safety component to this,” Holder said. “Huge amounts of cash, substantial amounts of cash just kind of lying around with no place for it to be appropriately deposited, is something that would worry me, just from a law enforcement perspective.”


Mandated defenselessness of Md. shoppers highlighted in mall shooting

Police arrive in time to evacuate after the shooting at the Mall in Columbia. First responders, that is, the shoppers, were rendered unable to defend themselves by mall rules and Md. law.

Three people, including the suspected killer, are dead after a shooting in a Columbia, Md. Mall, CBS Baltimore reported Saturday.

Indirectly reported, but not specifically articulated, was the utter unpreparedness and helplessness of everyone in the mall when the shooting started, something compounded by both mall policy and state law.


Proposed new IL medical marijuana rules force choice: Medicine or self-defense

If you shop at a place like this, Illinois says you must not shop at the gun store

Back in July, when it became clear that Illinois would be joining the states legalizing cannabis for medical use, this column hypothesized that those who avail themselves of their newly legalized medicine would surrender legal exercise of the right to armed self-defense. At the time that article was written, a hypothesis was all that was available, because although this column had asked the Illinois State Police for clarity on the issue, no answer was forthcoming.


Proposed Illinois gun ban for medical marijuana users points to larger issues

Tyler Williams of Blanchester, Ohio may look happy now as he selects marijuana strains to purchase at the 3-D Denver Discrete Dispensary. How he’ll feel about things in 10 or 20 years, if he ever wants to “legally” own a gun, remains to be seen.

Patients obtaining medical marijuana in Illinois will give up their state-recognized right to own guns if a proposal by the Illinois Department of Public Health is approved, the Chicago Tribune reported Tuesday. “The plan outlines how adults who have any of 41 specified medical conditions, such as cancer, AIDS or complex regional pain syndrome, may


Rejecting gun laws on grounds that criminals won’t obey them is not ‘anarchy’

In the fevered imaginations of gun ban zealots, though, inanimate objects can BE the crime

As gun rights advocates, one argument we frequently make is that “gun control,” by attempting to use laws to regulate the behavior of the lawless, fails to accomplish anything beyond restricting the freedom of the law-abiding. With more than a few gun laws, indeed, criminals are specifically protected by the Constitution from enforcement of said laws, as established by the Supreme Court in Haynes v. United States.


Florida movie theater ‘popcorn shooter’s’ rarely acknowledged ‘Only One’ status

And some might even kill you for sending text messages and throwing popcorn

When an irate moviegoer in Florida shot and killed a man in an argument about the alleged victim’s text messaging during the movie, the anti-gun groups were predictably all over it. From the Brady Campaign:


New York City deleted from MAIG member roster

Bloomberg's MAIG flagship New York City has been deleted from the membership roster.

The Mayors Against Illegal Guns website appears to have permanently removed the list of mayors who are coalition members and appears to have replaced it with an “About” page that evidently went live Monday. That page features a scrolling list of member cities with one noticeable absence: MAIG’s and Michael Bloomberg’s flagship New York City.


‘Stand Your Ground’ rally attendees brave cold to support gun rights in Ohio

Despite cold in the low 20s along with strong, biting gusts that stung exposed skin, dozens of gun rights activists, many openly carrying rifles and holstered handguns, gathered peaceably in front of the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus Sunday to show their commitment to the Second Amendment.